chris-image-editedHi, I’m Chris Freville and I’m going to share with you the tried, tested and proven online marketing techniques that have helped me build multiple six and seven-figure businesses since 2005.

First and foremost, I’m a family man and love nothing more than spending time with my wife and children, travelling the world, making the most of the freedom that comes from being able to earn money from virtually anywhere.

You see, when I was roaming in the farms of Warwickshire I was able to generate income like this. When I was traveling in Southeast Asia I was able to generate income like this. Oh, and when I was out test driving and eventually buying the Discovery, I came home with an extra 12,700 dollars sitting in my balance. All this on complete auto-pilot.

While I was out living life stress-free, all this is thanks to a little software we the Passive Profit Portals members called the fast income app. It’s a software application designed to help any casual internet users start making money. You need to just set it up once and it will keep bringing in profits again and again consistently for you.

Of course the more times you set up the more you’re going to make, but for starters you just need one setup. That’s it, and it takes less than two minutes to set up. I want to hand you this same application for free, no catch. You don’t need to pay a trial or sign up for some hosting service. There is nothing that you need to pay for. It’s 100% free.

This is the lifestyle I’m offering you through my Online Marketers Group.

If you’re anything like me, you took the plunge and became an entrepreneur so that you too could escape the nine to five grind and earn money on your own terms.

I’m here to help you turn that dream into a reality through the power of marketing online.

“…He shared with me so many things that you would never learn from reading an ebook or watching some video. This was as hands on and as real as it gets!”

Customers soon learned how to copy our techniques selling other people’s products in their spare time.

Now as I’m sure you can imagine, once you start making it work, it quickly becomes very addictive. And you start craving more and more!

Not sure what a top loading product is?

I can’t give too much away, but it’s essentially when an offer has massive demand (people wanting to buy it) and little supply (few people promoting it).

These offers don’t come around all the time, perhaps every couple of days. But when they do it’s very enlightening.

You can do this yourself!

Get qualified visitors to your site.

  • Now this is actually the easy part.
  • I’m going teach you the right way.

Leverage Your Position…

Now you’re a power player. Now you can dip into the really lucrative strategies that can bring in what you need.

Selling other people’s products for big, easy commissions is wonderful – you don’t need to own a product, a website, you don’t deal with processing payments, customer service, headaches and stress. You just leverage other people’s hard work.

It’s what I like to call getting some ‘Quick Wins’ so you get some early motivation and momentum.

He has several products and services currently aimed at internet marketers and online entrepreneurs which help with online sales and generate more traffic, especially helping newcomers to make their first income by way of affiliate marketing.