Merchants Taking Bitcoins as Payment

Numerous individuals use Bitcoin as an investment, buying the digital currency trying to pick up a profit on its variation. Others see it simply as a new method for spending money. The quantity of spots where you can spend your Bitcoins is developing each day. Here is what you can spend your Bitcoins on:

Major online merchants:
Overstock — the very first massive online retailer to acknowledge and completely support Bitcoin payments. You can purchase anything from furniture to workstations and TVs.

Newegg — another huge electronic retail store that is taking Bitcoin payments for most of its stock.

Shopify — a web-based platform that enables customers to make their own online stores like Etsy and eBay.

Etsy — around 100 merchants acknowledge Bitcoin payments.

Microsoft — one of the largest companies that allow customers to add money to their accounts with Bitcoin.

Most major online retailers are as yet not accepting Bitcoins as a type of payment, but rather there is a method for purchasing items from them by using only digital currency.